HyFy Privacy Policy

Here are some measures we undertake to enhance your privacy relative to other social tools. The server deletes all read messages older than 30 days. The app let you untag yourself from pictures without the consent of the artist who posted the picture. There is no public feed in this product. Artists are instructed to limit their tagging to people visible in the shot. This limits distribution of content to people actually present. Nothing can stop a determined actor from distributing digital content, but HyFy at least does not facilitate this activity. It certainly does not engage in algorithmic audience expansion like legacy social tools. HyFy does not display ads and does not sell data to any third party. The sole mechanism of monetization is our Superhumanz premium subscription. In general we're a privacy-minded product and company, and if you have any suggestions we're all ears. Contact us tody at info@hyfy.co. Thanks for joining this community!